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Hatha Classes

Hatha classes feature little to no flow. These classes focus on skills and drills to build functional mobility, strength and awareness, and then apply that knowledge to traditional yoga asana. This category offers both beginner/refining basic poses and also workshopping more advanced poses. $12 a month gets you access to a vault of Hatha classes that is updated monthly. 

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa classes move through more poses, linking them together with the breath. Level 1/2 classes will help practitioners develop the skills to flow while still "arriving" and bringing mindful strength to each pose and staying connected to the breath. Level 2/3 classes offer creative strength challenges, and will leave you feeling strong and resilient. $12 a month gets you access to a vault of Vinyasa classes that is updated monthly. 

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"I've been doing [Jill's] videos during quarantine and her backbend vinyasa class is the ONLY reason I can transition from flip-dog to wheel now. For years I thought I just didn't have the flexibility and maybe it would come eventually but Jill taught it as a combination of putting your feet in the right position and bending your elbow.... I love when anything is framed in terms of strength and not just flexibility because I am NOT naturally flexible. I'm so happy to be able to do this now and keep perfecting it. Thanks Jill!!!!” - Erin L.
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