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Come train with me one-on-one!

I am a big fan of feeling out cues in your own body and making them work for YOU.  But what if one of the cues or actions seems confusing or elusive?  Or, what if you want to work on something specific and it rarely gets all the attention you desire in group classes?  This is where one-on-one coaching comes in.  Especially in this era when you can’t be in-person with a live teacher, those Zoom squares make it hard to get the feedback you might need when there are multiple people in class.

My teaching philosophy is that how any given yoga asana looks in your body is going to be highly personal – I’m not going to take a look at your pose and “fix” it to be perfectly stacked up like blocks.  I will give you specific actions to find in each pose, and YOUR pose is going to be one where you feel the entire shape come alive for you – one where you feel powerful, balanced, and flowing with energy.  

Benefits of private one-on-one Zoom sessions:

  • Flexible schedule

  • Personalized goal building

  • Modified to suit your body's needs

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"Jill has a unique voice as a yoga teacher because of her insatiable interest in how the body and yoga work together. She is thoughtful, funny, challenging and supportive as a person and teacher. Her classes are a wonderful balance of challenge, progression in movement, and peaceful pauses. Through her creative lens, you will access familiar poses with a fresh perspective and in this way, your practice will deepen and grow. Highly recommend checking out a class with her!"  - Aimee F.
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