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"I can’t give Jill enough praise for bringing my yoga experience to the next level.  Her attitude has kept me coming each week – always positive, encouraging, and with adaptations for every level/body – a real genuine person, with a passion for her teachings.  Her professionalism as well as personability is unique to find. After about a year in a community, beginner’s class, I feel so lucky that word of mouth brought me to Jill’s class, where her ability and knowledge to articulate and dissect yoga poses are bar none. As a former elite athlete, I rank Jill’s coaching abilities in the best that I’ve experienced; her passion for yoga and helping people flows through." - Syrena W.
"I joined Jill's Basic Mobility class, hoping to learn to take care of my 73 year old body. The class has done that and so much more!  I learned of immobilities I never dreamed I have.  While all of those are probably important, some seem more important to me than others.  And challenging.  And actually fun to work on.  Like standing up from lying flat - with no hands.  I look forward to discovering additional challenges." - Dan C.

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"I have been taking yoga from Jill for quite a while now - initially attending in person classes, and now subscribing to her online classes and attending her live zoom class on Wednesdays.  Jill is an amazing teacher - she makes yoga fun and energizing.  Whether it’s the videos or live, Jill talks you through the poses and gives you plenty of detail and cues to make sure you are using your breath and engaging the muscles.  She shares just enough of the physiology to help you understand what and why you are stretching and strengthening different areas. I absolutely love her offering." - Robin P.
"I started yoga at 65. I had taken dance for exercise, but never yoga. I have been so amazed by the change in my body  over my classes with Jill.  She knew I was starring late in life with yoga, but she made sure I could do “my yoga”. This means if my body was not ready for completing the prep work for say Warrior 2, she made sure I knew how I could get the prep work to make warrior 2 happen. So, I could do my best work for this body. Now, my balance is so much better! I am willing to try back bend stretches , and center myself in whatever pose we work on. I so appreciate Jill’s acceptance of where I am now. My breathing is changing, learning how to help a pose with different ways of breathing. I feel so at home on my mat. She is a fantastic teacher!
I love “ my yoga!"" - Susie Z 

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